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Frequently Asked Questions

How far ahead should I schedule my consultation?
We like to have as much time with you to be able to create the perfect the design for your cake/edible favor/dessert table. Keep in mind our calendar does fill up quickly! The sooner you schedule your consultation, the better to guarantee you get the necessary attention you and your cake deserve!

Do you offer any vegan or gluten free cakes?
The option for gluten free cake is not available in our retail portion on a daily basis, however we do offer the gluten free for custom orders ordered in advance. Unfortunately we haven't introduced our products in the vegan area yet, but it is something that we hope to have a line of in the future. 

Can you make fake cakes?
Absolutely! If you have always dreamed of a five tier cake but you are only in need of serving a small amount of people, we can add faux tiers to add height to your cake without wasting cake. We will work with your budget to find a way to make exactly what you are imagining. If a real cake is out of your price range, sometimes it is a bit more cost effective to create a fake cake with sheet cakes for serving. Our taste and design reputations are equally important to us, and for this reasoning we will not make faux cakes for those who purchase from another vendor, We do not want our products to be mistaken for others products.

Can you ship your products? 

Yes! Most of our products can be shipped anywhere throughout the United States. Unfortunately we can not ship cakes or cupcakes, both are extremely fragile and require special attention when handling.


I need to cancel my order, what options do I have?

We do require a non-refundable 50% deposit on all of our specialty orders, if a cancellation occurs and the order has not been made, we would be happy to use your deposit as a credit for any future events/orders you make with our company! If your order has been made and a cancellation is needed the amount paid for your order is non-refundable.

Do you deliver? 

Yes we do! We charge a $25.00 delivery fee for distances within 5 miles of our studio and distances farther than 5 miles will vary.

Can I pick up my cake to save cost?
You have the option to have your cake picked up or have it delivered. Sometimes it is better to have your cake delivered because they are very fragile and are very easily effected by the heat, humidity, and by the smallest bump on the road. If you do choose to pick up your cake to save cost, please be aware that we are no longer responsible for it once it leaves the premises.

Can I just drop by and pick up a cake from your shop?
 We do not currently offer whole cakes for pick up in our retail store, however we do offer cakes by the slice daily. Flavors of cakes will vary from week to week depending on popularity and season! If you are in need of a last minute specialty cake in a certain flavor, please see give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your order if possible! 

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